Why Should You Hire a Waste Removal Contractor During Your Home Renovation?

A home renovation is a big undertaking, usually more so than homeowners believe. It is quite common for to begin a new renovation project only to find yourself overwhelmed, particularly with the waste removal aspect. You would be surprised as to how much waste is produced during a home renovation and how difficult it can be to remove the materials compiled during the demolition process.

What is the benefit of using a waste removal contractor during renovations?

Large Appliance Disposal

Most home renovations involve the removal of large appliances in the home. Take a kitchen renovation for example; large appliances like ovens and refrigerators will be removed and changed out for newer models. What do you do with these large appliances? If you don’t have a truck, you’re stuck renting a vehicle or asking someone you know to help haul away the old appliances. With the help of a waste removal contractor, the old appliances are taken care of for you. The contractor arranges for the removal and proper disposal or recycling of such appliances for you. This helps you to remove the appliances from your property without delay.

Material Disposal

Construction waste begins to pile up as well as the renovation project gets going; this could include drywall, flooring, wood, and nails. Everything that you remove from the home has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, most DIY-renovators end up with a big pile of materials on their property and no idea what to do with it and city waste removal services are unlikely to take it away. With a waste removal contractor, the materials are removed from your property with ease, no longer being an eyesore or problem. The contractor has the hauling capability as well as know how to remove the materials safely and efficiently.


Another important aspect of renovations is recycling. A waste removal contractor knows which materials can be recycled and will take these materials to a recycling facility for you. This way, you are helping the environment and not accidentally trashing something that could be reused in another way.

Kloos Hauling & Demolition can provide you with waste removal services during your next home remodel. Whether you are cleaning out junk or recyclables, Make it a Kloos call today!

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