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What is our junk removal process?

Getting rid of junk on your own can be incredibly inconvenient, which is why we at Kloos Hauling & Demolition want to step in to handle it for you. The junk removal process has a few critical steps, and the route taken is distinguished by whether the project is within a residential setting or commercial setting. Here is what the process looks like for each:

Residential junk removal process

We aim to provide you with quick and painless service to reduce the junk in your home. We want to save you time and effort, while simultaneously dealing with your waste responsibly. Here are some of the critical aspects of residential junk removal.

Junk removal process: free, fast, and friendly quote!

We can give you a quote upfront for free. We want to be completely open with you and having a quote upfront will help both you and us better plan for the extent of your junk removal. We can often provide this within a few hours of discussing the task at hand.

Junk removal process: we have the right equipment to get the job done!

We have the appropriate vehicles to deal with debris and a large amount of junk – and can come to pick up oversized items and every sort of junk manifesting in your home.

Junk removal process: ethical disposal of your junk

We value the disposal of junk responsibly. We try to reuse and recycle “junk” where we can, while also sorting through items to discern the best disposal method.

Junk removal process: supporting local charities and the environment

If there is any junk in great condition, we donate it to charities to keep its life going! We support all sorts of local Winnipeg charities, most often donating items to Flavie-Laurent Centre in St. Boniface.

What is our junk removal process? - Residential Junk Removal Winnipeg - Winnipeg Commercial Junk Removal - Junk Removal Winnipeg - Kloos Hauling & DemolitionCommercial junk removal process

For businesses and commercial properties, the removal process is a bit different. We understand that the extent of your junk may be much larger, and your relationship with it is more focused on results. While there’s still personability to the junk removal process, you’re likely less emotionally invested in your business’ junk.

Our junk removal process for businesses follows:

  • The first step is to call us, and we can give you an efficient upfront estimate for your junk removal project.
  • We understand that your working hours or suitable times for pickup can be limited and can come to pick up on your schedule.
  • We make sure that your junk is sorted through, and what needs to be recycled is.
  • We will make sure everything is done as quickly as possible, as we know that you don’t want junk hanging around your company or business setting for a prolonged period.

Use our junk removal process for your junk removal project

Kloos Hauling & Demolition has a junk removal process known for it’s efficient, responsible, and eco-friendly results. We aim to provide the best service while also delivering a service that you can feel good about. Make it a “Kloos call” – 204.955.1188 – or book your appointment through our website and take the first step to have your junk removed today!

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