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Differences between residential demolition and commercial demolition

You might think demolition follows the same process no matter where or what is being demolished. However, residential demolition is nothing like commercial demolition, as different procedures are taken during each process. We’ll help you discover the differences and important aspects of each line of work. As well, we’ll look at commercial demolition and how it differs from industrial demolition. Read on to find out!

Commercial demolition versus residential demolition

The differences between commercial demolition and residential demolition - Winnipeg Demolition - Demolition Winnipeg - Kloos Hauling & DemolitionThe names alone say enough. Commercial demolition typically involves buildings or structures which were used for business purposes. On the other side, residential demolition involves single-family homes, garages or other structures on the residential property, or larger dwellings such as apartment buildings. For either situation, having an expert team complete the demolition for you can save you time and money.

Machinery used

Because commercial buildings are so much larger, heavier machinery is necessary for the demolition process. In the cases of huge buildings, explosives can be used to demolish the building more quickly and efficiently. For residential demolition, more care is exercised, especially in an area where there are neighbouring houses.


After the removal of a home, grading of the ground is usually required to make it flat again for a new structure. Commercial buildings are more likely to have even ground already, so grading might not be an issue.

Logistical differences

There will be different contact parties involved depending on the type of building. For residences, the homeowners are consulted directly. In commercial demolition, collaboration with a general contractor usually takes precedence.

Industrial demolition versus commercial demolition

The kind of large-scale building has an impact on the demo process.

Industrial demolition

This involves the destruction of processing plants, factories, and other large-scale facilities. Specialized knowledge is required for their demolition. They can be full of hazardous material that needs to be disposed of properly, such as asbestos. These materials must be cleared out first. The material needs to be disposed of properly before the demolition process can even begin.

Commercial demolition

The tearing down of office buildings and schools requires some care. This is especially relevant if there are other structures nearby. However, they don’t pose a threat regarding hazardous materials as immediately as an industrial facility.

Demolition versus Deconstruction

The terms may sound the same, but the process involved is vastly different. Demolition is the use of heavy machinery to completely tear a structure down. Deconstruction involves the careful dismantling of a building so that the building materials are kept intact to be recycled or reused in other projects.

The selling of these materials makes deconstruction a more cost-effective option in the end, but the process does take more time.

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