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What You Need to Know About Downsizing

For many homeowners, a time will come when your current home is just too big. Children grow up and move away, and parents are left with a home that is too large. When a home becomes too much to deal with, it is best to downsize. It is not uncommon for older adults to downsize after the kids leave home, but most do not consider the work it takes to downsize. Below are a few tips on what you need to know about downsizing before you begin.

Storing Your Stuff

Let’s say the home you currently live in is 2,500 square feet. This is a large home, so it will most likely be filled with a ton of stuff, such as furniture and personal belongings. When you downsize, you will be moving into a much smaller home. This means you will have nowhere to put the majority of your items. Are you willing to give things away? Or do you want to hold on to certain pieces that you will not be using?

When downsizing, many homeowners opt to rent a storage unit to place unused items for a certain time frame. Over time, you can then decide if you wish to donate or sell the items you have yet to use.

What’s Up with All This Junk?

During the packing phase of your downsizing project, you will find that you have a ton of junk that is never used nor, will it be used. When you live in a home for years, it is common to accumulate ‘stuff’. It can be a big task to remove such items from home, not to mention, creating more work for you to complete on top of finding a new home and moving in.

How we handle it

To ensure that you do not have a ton of work to do removing old junk from your home, rely on the experts. Kloos Hauling can provide downsizing services, making it easier for you to downsize and move to a new home free of clutter! Our team focuses on the sorting and organization of your home, also handling the cleanup and removal of items including old furniture, carpeting, appliances, electronics, clothing and more. At the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing we pride ourselves on being a “green” company and recycling any waste we pick-up on your behalf. We can help you – call us today!

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