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Where Does Demolition Waste Go?

When working on a big project, be it for the home or a business, you will have demolition waste. This can be lumber from taking down a portion of the building, waste recycling, etc. When you begin a big demolition project, there is going to be debris, and materials that can’t be reused left behind. So how do you remove it? Where does it go?

As a demolition project is underway, you must prepare for the mess left behind. Sometimes it can take larger machinery and equipment to remove the waste at the project site. You may also require large bins that will house the wood and debris as you work on your project. Cleanup is part of the entire project and something that many people do not plan for. The waste and debris left behind must be removed from the property so that you can move on with your project.

By hiring a company like Kloos Hauling & Demolition, you have a team in place to assist with your demolition waste needs. Waste recycling would be separated from debris and each removed and disposed of as needed. The type of demolition you will have, and disposal services needed will be dependent on the type of project you are completing.

Take, for example, demolition of an outbuilding within your residential property. This type of demolition will require the removal of debris such as wood, concrete or drywall. These items will need to be hauled away and disposed of properly. While recyclables are taken to a recycling centre, debris from an outbuilding might be reused or taken to a dump. Hauling and demolition service companies know where to take the trash and debris, disposing of it properly.

When it comes to your next big demolition project, the smart move is to have services in place. You can hire a company to do the demolition work for you such as Kloos Hauling, as well as haul away the debris and trash left behind. Then you are left with a clean slate to begin your project. Many homeowners jump into demolition without considering the magnitude of the job or clean-up and are stuck with a huge mess and no idea what to do. Stick with hiring the experts for the demolition and clean up so the project can begin without any delays.

If you plan to hire a demolition company, ensure that they carry the appropriate insurance. This will ensure that you will not be held liable if someone gets injured during your renovation or cleanup project. Kloos Hauling Inc. is totally covered by the Workers Compensation Board & carries a 5 million dollar liability insurance policy.

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