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Downsize Your Home the Easy Way

When moving into a smaller home, the process to downsize your home can be overwhelming. For most homeowners, living in the same place for even just a few years can lead to an overabundance of clutter. From collectibles to clothing and other items, the home can quickly fill up, leaving you with a ton of stuff. Because you are moving to a smaller home, you will need to get rid of a few things to be able to live in your smaller home more comfortably. But how do you get rid of all the clutter or know what to keep and what to part with?

Downsize Your Home the Easy Way – Have You Used It?

When clearing out clutter to move to your new home, consider if you have used the item. For most people, items are held on to because ‘it will be used later’. This mentality causes us to hold on to things we do not need. Not used an item in six months to a year? Then, most likely, can go ahead and part with it. Is the item is broken? recycle or trash it. If it can be donated or recycled, then do so. Have separate piles for trash, donation and recycling will help you to move the process along at a faster rate.

Downsize Your Home the Easy Way – Plan for Your New Home

Downsize Your Home the Easy Way - Residential Home Downsizing - Junk Removal Winnipeg - Kloos Hauling & DemolitionIt is also important to think about your new home. How many bedrooms will you have? Do you have furniture you will need to get rid of? Consider what you want to take to your new space, and this will help you to get rid of items you will no longer be using or need.

Have Less Space = Bring Less Stuff

Most homeowners who are downsizing will have fewer bedrooms and less living space. You will need to consider your existing furniture and determine what will fit in your new home and what will need to be thrown away, donated or sold.
If you become too overwhelmed with the process of cleaning out your home for downsizing, work with Kloos’ junk removal expert team. At Kloos Hauling and Demolition, the process is made simple. We help with the clutter by removing unwanted items from your home, which allows you to spend more time packing up the items you will be taking to your new space. Our downsizing services are fast, friendly and professional. Work with the experts to simplify the process – make it a Kloos call today – 204-955-1188!

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