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How to Get Rid of ‘Junk’ Gifts

With the Christmas holiday approaching, we must all prepare for the gifts we will receive, even the junk ones! While we all like to think that our gift givers have our best interest at heart, sometimes we receive things that we just won’t use. These ‘junk’ gifts are appreciated but what do you do with something that you will not be using? There are ways to get rid of such gifts without seeming unappreciative. So remember to say thank you and use the tips below to get rid of such holiday items!


When it comes to ‘junk’ gifts, you do have the option to recycle the item. This could be giving it to someone else or donating it to charity. Think about your friends or family and who might benefit from the gift that you will not be using. You can always regift it to someone else. However, you must be careful doing this as you don’t want the gift giver to know that you have regifted their gift!

You can also donate the items to charity or a local organization that is in need. If you are gifted clothing that doesn’t fit and cannot be returned, then give it to a shelter or organization that clothes the homeless. You will feel good knowing that the gift will be used, and it will no longer be taking up space in your home.

Create a Gift Closet or Box

Another option for gifts you will not be using it to create a gift closet or box. This is an area of the home where you will put small items that you are gifted but will not use. You then have a space to visit when birthdays, anniversaries or holidays come up to find gifts to give away. This is a great way to reuse gifts, helping you to spend less on gifts and give something to someone that they can truly use!

No one likes to see clutter or junk in the home. However, during the holidays it is pretty much unavoidable. If you find that your house filled with stuff you absolutely cannot use, consider contacting a junk removal company. Kloos Hauling offers a quality junk removal service to help you get rid of those unwanted items, without any work involved on your part!

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