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What Happens to Your Recycled Electronics?

E-waste is a term to describe electronics that are no longer useful. In the past, electronics were sent to landfills which resulted in a significant influx of garbage over time. With technology changing and evolving at a rapid rate, the amount of e-waste in existence is massive. The best way to deal with this problem is to recycle your electronics. Many businesses offer recycling areas for old electronics such as Smartphones or tablets, or you can take your items to the local recycling centre.

Understanding the Problem

Society’s use of electronics has rapidly increased over the past few years and continues to grow as the years go by. From televisions to cell phones and computer equipment, most of us get a new item every year or two or even sooner. The volume of e-waste is expected to grow even more, so it is becoming increasingly essential to recycle such things.

Electronics contain toxic materials that can be harmful to the environment. It is vital that such items be recycled appropriately so that improper disposal does not expose our environment to hazardous substances.

What Happens to E-Waste?

For the most part, when e-waste is recycled, the materials are refurbished. Separation devices are used to salvage the usable materials, and these materials are used to create something else, usually more technology! Each recycled item is dismantled. Take televisions for example. The plastic will be removed from the unit as well as the glass. Televisions that contain an old cathode ray tube will need to see the leaded glass separated from the normal glass.

With computers, the plastic and casings will need to be removed as well as the circuit boards and batteries. These items can then be further recycled. Most electronics can and should be recycled to provide materials for new electronics as well as be of benefit to the environment.

Recycling Your Items

Now that you know the benefits of recycling, you can do your part. Look for local recycling bins at retailers or find out who can offer you recycling services. Kloos Hauling provides the removal of junk items from your home, including your old electronics. Have your old electronics removed from the house and recycled, giving you extra space in the home as well as a good feeling knowing that you have helped the environment.

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