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How to Demolish Your Kitchen, Without Demolishing the Rest of Your House

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and is a place where you want to feel comfortable. For many home owners, a kitchen remodel is just the thing to make the space perfect. However, when demolishing the kitchen during the remodel, one of the big questions is how to keep the rest of your home safe and clean? Knowing how to demo correctly, you can avoid disrupting other areas of the home.

Block off the Space

To begin, you will need to block off the demolition space. If your kitchen has open door ways, you will want to hang some plastic sheeting to avoid any unwanted dust or debris from moving out of the kitchen and into the other rooms of your home. If the floor is being saved be sure to cover it properly to avoid damage. Use any doorways to outside to your advantage to remove the demoed items without dragging dust and dirt through the rest of the house. Cover all floor vent openings to keep debris out of the ducts. Have a plumber cap all water pipes in the kitchen. Be cautious of the electrical wires in the kitchen when demolishing. An electrician may be needed. Kloos Hauling takes care of their customers electrical & plumbing requirements during the demolition process.

Think Out the Demo

When you are ready to start tearing things apart, have a plan of action in place; start by cleaning out the space. Have boxes on hand to pack up kitchen items if you are removing cabinets and countertops. Have a preset place for these things to go, such as the garage or a storage unit. Be sure to label the boxes, so you know where everything is when you need it. Once the kitchen has been cleaned out, you are ready to begin the demo. You will need to have an area where the items you remove from the kitchen will be placed. If you are working on a big demolition job, you will benefit from having a dumpster on hand to place the unwanted items. You can also choose to work with a demolition company that hauls off unwanted items for you.

Go through the demolition process slowly and methodically. Remove the easy items first, taking cabinets and countertops in sections to avoid a huge mess in the kitchen. Be sure to take the easiest route outside so that you do not track dust and debris into other areas of your home.

Moreover, remember, always wear safety equipment such as gloves and eye wear to protect yourself during the demolition phase of the project. Demolition projects attempted by an inexperienced homeowner can be dangerous, time-consuming and could lead to unexpected damage to portions of the house that were not part of the initial demolition. Demolition is not as easy as it looks or is depicted on television.

Kloos Hauling is a demolition and removal company that can effectively assist you with the demolition phase of your next kitchen remodel. See your unwanted debris and junk removed as you begin a new and exciting project in the kitchen!

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