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Residential Demolition: What You Should Know Before You Start

When watching a DIY show on television, the demolition process looks fun and exciting. However, it can be dangerous, so home owners must take great care to consider certain aspects of the demo before getting started. Save time, money and a major headache by learning what you need to do before beginning a major demolition project.

Learn the Dangers

For starters, you need to learn the dangers of demolition. Opening up a wall that has electrical wires or plumbing pipes can be dangerous. You want to be sure drywall is not hiding such items inside before taking down any walls in the home. Dust from drywall as you begin tearing it down can hurt your eyes and make it hard to breathe. Wear protective eye-wear and a mask so that you are not affected by drywall dust. If you were to inhale lead paint or insulation dust you can also have issues with your respiratory system. Know what you are getting in to before you get started.

Avoid Damaging Your Home

If you are new to DIY demo, you can easily damage your home. Take for example removing walls. You have to know what is behind the wall before removing it. As we mentioned before, wiring, as well as piping, can be located in these areas. Hit a pipe and bust it open during the demo to have a wet mess in your home that will take extra time and money to fix, not to mention the water you now have in your home!

Walls can also be load bearing which means they are in place to carry the weight of the upper floors or the roof of your home. Without proper measures taken, you can remove a load bearing wall and end up with your roof dropping down, causing significant damage to the home.

More Time May Be Needed

When starting any demolition job, you must realize that more time may be necessary than you anticipated. When working by yourself or only a few people, the job can take days or even weeks to complete. For major demolition jobs, a team of experts is needed to not only get the job done correctly but in a quick time frame.

If you decide to hire a demolition company, ensure that they have a WCB policy and a liability insurance policy. If the company does not have insurance coverage and one of their workers or anyone else gets hurt during the demolition process you can be faced with astronomical financial charges.

Kloos Hauling and Demolition are experts in demolition projects. Let the professionals help you get the job done quickly, safely and in the best way possible.

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