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Kitchen demolition do’s and don’ts

One of the most common areas in the home to undergo a renovation is the kitchen. Due to the amount of time spent in the kitchen, many homeowners become tired of the old appliances and outdated cabinets. Besides being a rewarding renovation, it also can help increase the value of your property. When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, you may decide a complete demolition is required. When this is the case, kitchen demolition must be completed properly to ensure the space is ready for construction. Below are a few do’s and don’ts so you can be prepared for the demolition process.

Kitchen demolition do’s

  1. Wear protective gear during your kitchen demolition

    This is very important. Goggles and gloves can protect the eyes and hands from sharp splinters as well as other injuries. Also, consider steel toe boots, mask and overalls for greater protection.

  2. Use the right tools

    When demoing the kitchen, be sure to use the right tools. Use a screwdriver when taking down mounted cabinets as needed. Use a crowbar to remove items that have stuck to the wall’s surface due to age.

  3. Remove the appliances and small stuff first

    Before you begin demo, be sure to remove anything that will be donated or hauled away. This can include appliances, furniture and small items like dishes, etc. With the small stuff removed, you can move on to the dirty work.

  4. As you work through your kitchen demolition, clean as you go

    Whenever you remove something from the space, take it outside. Clean as you work so that you do not have a huge mess once the job is done.

  5. Before starting your kitchen demolition, cap off the water lines

    It is important for people to remember that in a kitchen demolition they need to cap off the water lines. This should be done by someone that has some knowledge in this area to avoid a flood.

Kitchen demolition don’ts

  1. During your kitchen demolition avoid lifting heavy items

    If an item is too heavy, don’t try to lift it by yourself. A fridge and oven are perfect examples of appliances that require help to move. Find help or hire Kloos Hauling and Demolition to assist with moving and kitchen demolition.

  2. Swing without intention

    For some, a kitchen demolition may be viewed as just fun and a way to make a mess. Don’t just go in swinging a hammer without a plan. You end up with more work on your hands this way.

  3. Let kids in on the action

    While kids might want to be involved in the demolition, it can be a dangerous environment. Showing them what you’re up to can be a good learning experience. But, have them leave to avoid getting hurt once the major demo begins. In any circumstance, make sure they are wearing protective gear when they are near the demolition area.

Kitchen demolition can be a lot of work. If you need help, consider contacting Kloos Hauling and Demolition. With our help, your kitchen can be demolition in no time, free of debris and a huge mess! To learn about our services – check out our residential hauling services, demolition services, and junk removal services. When you’re ready to start – contact us at 204.955.1188 – and make it a Kloos call today!

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