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Have unfinished yard projects? Here’s how Kloos can help

With the kids back in school, the summer months are winding down. Do you have piles of old scrap metal, heaps of pulled weeds or other yard debris, or a decrepit old shed you’ve meant to tear down but haven’t gotten the chance? At Kloos Hauling and Demolition, we can help you tackle those unfinished yard projects.

Unfinished yard projects are an eyesore – why is this important?

If you want to sell your house, having a neat and clean yard is critical because let’s face it; you aren’t just selling the house. When you put your home up for market, you’re selling the landscaping, yard, trees, bushes, and that pile of dead leaves you meant to dispose of but couldn’t get to. Sprucing up the yard will go a long way to attracting potential buyers and commanding a higher price for your home.

Unfinished yard projects can be a hazard

Another issue with unkempt yards is they can be potentially dangerous. Old branches and piles of debris in the yard create a tripping hazard for visitors and the home’s occupants too. Dead plants and rotting tool sheds form a haven for pests and nuisance animals that can bite, sting, and damage the property. While a neat and tidy yard looks great, it’s also safer and can protect your home’s structural integrity, too.

How can Kloos services help give your home some curb appeal?

So, you don’t have room in the budget for your Zen garden yet. But keeping your yard free of debris and taking down that old garage can do wonders for your home’s appearance without breaking the bank. Here at Kloos Hauling and Demolition, we offer a range of demolition and junk removal services for homeowners in Winnipeg and the surrounding area who have a few unfinished yard projects they’d like to cross off their to-do list.

Here’s a short list of our services which can help with unfinished yard projects

  • Collect and remove trash and recycling
  • Appropriately dispose of waste materials such as old appliances, tools, and scrap metal
  • Remove and dispose of natural materials like weeds, dead plants, stumps, and old trees
  • Complete small demolition jobs for old sheds, garages, patios, and decks
  • Ask us about your unfinished yard projects – we’re sure we can help you!

We’ll come out to your home or business and finish your unfinished yard projects. You can rest assured that we will properly dispose of the materials. Contact us today at Kloos Hauling and Demolition or make a “Kloos call” to (204) 955-1188 for a free, fast, and friendly estimate.

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