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How Does Demolition Affect the Environment?

Waste from a demolition project can affect the environment in many ways. Nearly all demolition results in a large amount of waste.  When buildings are deconstructed and renovated, there are materials that must be removed from the site. Without proper management, the waste can pollute the land and air. Furthermore, the transportation used to remove waste can have a negative environmental impact as well. It’s important during any demolition project to follow the right protocols and take waste to the proper areas, such as recycling centers. This will reduce the risk to the environment and reduce the impact in a positive manner.

Recycling Materials

How Does Demolition Affect the Environment? - Winnipeg Demolition - Junk Removal Winnipeg - Kloos Hauling & DemolitionIf you are starting demolition of an area of your home, consider the materials you are going to be removing with care. Taking a little time before you begin to plan out the demolition, which can result in items begin recycled, helping the environment. If you are removing appliances from a space, consider donating them to charity if they still work. Are you removing wood that could be reused? If so, find a way to see the wood is donated or recycled. Each bit of effort you put in will ensure usable products and materials stay out of the landfill.

Research before you start your demolition

Researching your local area is a great way to start in learning what can be recycled and how to have the items taken to the right facility. Calling local garbage dumps and recycling facilities can start you on the right path to demolition. Completing a successful demolition which doesn’t cause harm to the environment is all about forming a clear plan from start to finish. This includes suitable deposal of debris and waste after they are removed as part of the demolition project.

Work with Kloos for junk removal and hauling

Sometimes, the best decision can be to hire help and outsource your demolition project. Kloos Hauling & Demolition, as our name suggests, are experts in all parts of the process. From the demolition work itself, to waste management for your commercial or residential project. In addition to demolition and hauling, we also place emphasis on being a “green” company. We recycle the things we are able to from your project. And, of course, when we aren’t able to recycle – we take the necessary precautions to prevent injury and harm to the environment when handling hazardous waste.

If you are looking to complete a demolition project, whether residential or commercial, but are concerned about the impact to the environment – call us for help at 204.955.1188. Make it a Kloos call today!

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